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About Triumph Expeditions

"Triumph Expeditions", founded by Mr. N. Suresh Kumar from Coimbatore is a 'niche' Adventure Travel Establishment that is singularly unique in exploring the unexplored, with a difference.

Our motto is to showcase the adventure in its original form and explore the places that people seldom explore and also to bring back the sense of exploration. We initiate and introduce the common into the 'field of uncommon' and explore the real treasure hidden unto him/her, thereby liberating him from all kind of fears of unknown.

We have ventured into the world of high-grade exploration, safaris, trekking, camping, biking, sailing and other adventure associated activities. We have explored large numbers of adventure tourism destinations that tourists seldom think of.

For anyone out there desiring an unsophisticated travel adventure, look no further than Triumph Expeditions where we respect nature and strongly believe that "Nature Has A Soul Too and We Will Preserve It."




N. Suresh Kumar

Founder - CEO

Mr Suresh Kumar Narayanasamy is the founder of Triumph Expeditions Private Limited. He is a passionate adventure traveller with over 20 years of experience in the field of the expedition. He started his career in packaging industry. But his passion towards adventure travel paved way for establishing adventure enterprise Triumph Expeditions. The motto behind his initiative of adventure enterprise is to let the people enjoy the real adventure and explore the unexplored in the best way. He firmly believes in travel heals the soul and refresh the body. Thus he wants people to enjoy the travel in a much better way which pushed him to establish Triumph Expeditions. Apart from other tour operators & travel platform he had a unique idea to promote and let people experience adventure travel by exploring the beauty of nature through road trips. Triumph Expeditions is the first adventure travel company to promote both road trip for south India and north India with a customizable itinerary based on customer requirement. The man behind the initiative is Mr Suresh. Apart from road trips, his endeavour extends to mountaineering, trekking etc. He is also passionate about achieving the milestone, which made him explore opportunities available in prestigious world record and achieved three world record for various causes and platform. It's just a glimpse of him and, you will get to know more about him once you associate with Triumph Expeditions.

Mrs Indhu Suresh

Co - Founder

Mrs Indhu Suresh is the co-founder of Triumph Expeditions Private Limited. She has been in the travel industry for 15 years now. Her passion was to travel, explore the world and bring out women enthusiastic who loves to travel. She was the one who plans and guides team triumph expeditions to develop itinerary flexible for women who loves to travel. She encourages and promotes travelling among young girls. She has taken many road trips, trekking and expeditions and, from her experience, she customizes trips for families and women who are passionate about travelling and exploring the unexplored places. She has successfully guided numerous families under triumph expeditions and let them experience the real adventure through travelling. One fine example to portray her passion towards travelling is, she has achieved the world record for travelling most UNESCO world heritage sites in 12 hours using public transport to let the world know that India is the safest place to travel for ladies. Thus she has never hesitated to encourage women who love to travel. If you are a girl, you can reach out us with your travel urge and, she will guide you to make the best memories of your lifetime.

Mrs Indhu Suresh

Co - Founder

Our Team

Shailender Kaushal

Northern India

Mobile No: 99106 10620

Mohamed Thahir


Advisory Board Members

Mr. Shekhar Babu

Everest Summiter, Recipient of Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award, Hyderabad

Prof. Dr. Sampath Kumar

Former Secretary and Principal of PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore.

Mr. Rajaram

Chief Advisor (Financial and Planning), Chennai


The Conglomerate

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