How to plan an Adventure Road Trip to Mount Everest

How to plan an Adventure Road Trip to Mount Everest

March 30, 2019, 13:09 PM

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What is your dream trip? Is travelling to the highest mountain in the world is a dream trip? My answer will be “Yes”. Think like you are standing in the Everest base camp and just looking at Mount Everest – Don’t you feel it is a huge experience that feels almost out-of-this-world.

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People will always ask a question like what is the best place to see Mount Everest – Here is the answer – Standing from Everest Base Camp in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.

How to plan a trip to Mount Everest?

First Question – Is all about starting point

Second Question – Arrangements

Third Question – When?

Does it seem a little overwhelming, when you plan a trip for a lifetime to Mount Everest?

You need a help from professional experts. We Triumphex help you to make all the arrangements easily. Your job is to get on the plane, be relaxed, and just enjoy the trip.

Why Mount Everest

A heaven for daring souls, the Mount Everest regions have sufficient reasons to explore. In addition to the classic road trip from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp, the options you might opt for cycling, motorcycling, or trekking adventure to Everest Base Camp and if you need more adventurous, then you can even prepare to climb Mount Everest.

What are the Tibet Permits needed for EBC Visit

One needs to think about the visas and permits. It depends on, where you enter Tibet from?

2 options available,

  • Enter Tibet from Nepal
  • Chinese gateway cities

Based on these 2 options, we need to decide what permits and visas you need.

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What one needs to obtain to reach Kathmandu, In Nepal?

  • 1st option – If you need to get into Nepal – you need Nepal Visa
  • To get into Tibet from Kathmandu you need Tibet Travel Permit and Group
    Tourist Visa so that you can visit most parts of Tibet
  • Heard about Alien Travel Permit? Why you need is, this will allow you to travel to Mount Everest region of Tibet

From Chinese gateway cities, you need

  • If you need to enter into China, then you must hold Chinese Visa to travel to Tibet
  • Want to travel inside Tibet? Then you need Tibet travel permit
  • Why Alien Travel Permit? This allow you to travel to Mount Everest region of Tibet

Where to get a Tibet Travel Permit? You will get in Tibet Tourism Bureau, and is mandatory for all travelers to Tibet for tourism. If you want to travel in some restricted areas in Tibet, then you need an Alien Travel Permit. You will not get it on your own. Tibet Travel Permits and Alien Travel Permits must be obtained through a registered adventure tour agency.

For Tourists: If you want to travel in Tibet, then you not allowed traveling on your own. You people must be accompanied by a registered tour guide, along with a private vehicle, travelling on a public transport is not allowed. (Except train).
Call – 9843123665 and ask for more details about the permits needed to get into Mount Everest.

What documents to carry for Everest Base Camp Tour in Tibet and Nepal?

Do you think it is easy to travel to Everest Base Camp (EBC)? Not that much, for that you need courage, good health condition, certain permits and certificates needed for traveling. In one word, you should be prepared yourself for an Everest Base Camp tour. Then, you should be asking what to prepare?

Below are some of the points to discuss,

Tibet: Permits required for Travelling

You are 100% fit, energetic and you are in a ready mode to travel to EBC. Then some certain procedures you should handle, while travelling to Tibet Everest Base Camp. Generally speaking, if you are not a Chinese, then you will have 4 kinds of permits and certificates such as,

  • Tibet Travel Permit,
  • Alien’s Travel Permit,
  • Mountaineering License

Tibet Travel Permit

If you are planning for Tiber tour then you need to take this permit at very beginning stage, which means that you will only be allowed to visit Tibet by possessing the permit before start your journey via plane or the train to Tibet. We are registered at Tibet Tourism Bureau. For more information – or Call – 9843123665.

Aliens' Travel Permit

The Aliens’ Travel Permit is issued by the police (Public Security Bureau, “PSB”). This is not must for entering, but it is must for foreign travelers to visit certain areas such as Nyingchi, Shigatse, and areas outside Lhasa city. We will arrange it for you. Call – 9843123665.

Mountaineering License

Want to climb to Everest Summit; then you need Mountaineering License, which is also issued by The Tibet Mountaineering Association. You’ll also need certain documents. Call – 9843123665.


You need these permits and licenses when you visit certain regions in Tibet, and you can apply for them after you have already been in Tibet from certain organizations. Usually, you don’t need to worry about the procedures, because foreigners target travel agencies, like Triumph Expeditions, and our professional tour guide help you with all these stuff, you just need to prepare certain documentation and money needed for handling them.

Right Time to Visit Mount Everest

One needs to consider that travelling to Mount Everest has its on-peak and off-peak seasons. For ordinary tourists, the golden season would be in April to June, early September and late October. At these seasons, the skies are clearer, with very few days where visibility is even slightly limited.

You can see there is very little rain and snow, with daytime temperatures, while it is not the hottest in the year, it is well above freezing, and quite comfortable for trekking and touring the region. But you need warm clothes for nights, to avoid cold.

However, you can tour to Mount Everest at any time in the year that is an individuals’ unique preference. By the way, you are not a professional mountaineer with a specific time frame to summit the mountain; Everest Base Camp welcomes you whenever you come.

Additional tips:

1. Take pictures in EBC

When we can see highest visibility of Mount Everest?

Perfect time for photography – Stunning vistas and spectacular sights of 14 lofty peaks of over 8,000 meters.
Take some clothes and protect yourself from the wind to avoid freezing cold. But your reward is just epic, the best view of Mt. Everest in a year.

2. Low possibility of seeing Everest
One can see the rainy weather in the monsoon season somewhere around mid-June to August, and it often leads to dense clouds that obscure the entire view. Hope all aware, this is not the best time for mountaineering and hiking. However, no one can tell you that there is no chance of seeing Mount Everest at all. It is a test of how lucky you are.

Ways to Get Everest?

There are numerous ways that you can get to Tibet.

  • Flights leave daily, from several major airports in China for Lhasa, where you can start your trip to Mount Everest
  • Intermittent flights from Kathmandu, in Nepal, that land in Lhasa
  • A world-famous Tibet Train is available
  • Through Road (An adventure trip)

Where to take train to Tibet?

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The train leaves from various locations across China, such as Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xining, Xi’an, Chongqing, and Lanzhou.

Traveling on the train will help you adapt to the altitude on the way. You will still need to spend a couple of days to adapt in Lhasa before going to other places in Tibet.

For some people, the most popular choice is flying to Tibet, and then taking the train out once the tour is over. While others like to take the train both ways, to gets a longer time seeing the amazing sights of the region.

The train travel to reach Lhasa from China takes between 1 and 4 days, depending on where you come from, and the views of the countryside through China is much familiar.

Traveling to Everest (A drive)

Because of high altitude in Lhasa, visitors normally spend around two days to adapt themselves to weather, before traveling across the region to Mount Everest. However, your time will not be wasted sitting in the hotel, you can enjoy the seasonal changes.

Travelers can see beautiful religious and cultural sites, because Lhasa has more and you may not get to time to see them all (that would take weeks, or even months!); A chance to spend your valuable time in Lhasa by visiting the most spectacular sites of Tibetan Buddhism and culture.

If you want to see amazing sights, then travel via road from Lhasa to border crossing on Nepali side. It will take 6 – 8 hours to cover 149 kilometers to reach Rasuwa Gadhi. Roads look good from Nepali capital to around Bidur, along Pasang Lhamu Highway.

Travel from Rasuwa border to kyirung Thil will take a day. You stay will be at Gyirong County Hotel. Next day you will start from Thil to Old Tingri. On the way you will enjoy beautiful border line and snowcapped mountain and evergreen forest.

Then, your journey will be from Tingri to EBC takes around 4 hours, and on the way you can see 4 highest peaks along Great Himalayas and in morning you will visit EBC, then you can start taking photos of this massive peak.

Where to Stay?

The accommodation options for EBC tour in Tibet and Nepal vary a lot, largely due to the distinct geography and road condition.

Staying option: Places from Lhasa to EBC in Tibet

The majority of the tourists to reach EBC (tribhuvan international airport), then you need to move from Lhasa and pass Shigatse, Gyantse, Lhatse, Shegar, reaches Rongbuk Monastery, EBC, old Tingri, Kyirong country, kyirong thil, and Kathmandu.

Fly to Lhasa that you met Gonnggar airport by Tibetan guide, after the formalities, you will drive to Lhasa city. It takes an hour to reach. You can expect to stay in standard 3 star hotels, with comfortable, spacious rooms, clean bed sheet and, hot water for shower, along with air conditioner. Usually, these types of hotels will include breakfast for free.

Once you complete the breakfast in morning, the day starts with sightseeing of norbu lingkhasummer place, jokhang temple, etc. Then the next day early morning you will be visiting potlala palace, and sera monastery. Then your remaining hours will be in rest mode.

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Places to stay from Kathmandu to EBC in Nepal

From Kathmandu the road is different from Lhasa. The route is shorter the total distance from Kathmandu to EBC by road – you can travel through new border crossing at Gyirong Port is almost around 504 kilometers.

Not like Tibet, here the accommodation facilities for EBC tour are well-developed in Nepal. Our team will pick you from Kathmandu hotel in morning then we drive along small mountain road to the border at Nepalese side.

You will enjoy the places such as rivers, waterfall, gorges, and forest. You will arrive at Rashuwaghadi. You will stay at Tiber Border at Night.

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Things to pack for this EBC Tour?

  • Trousers, t-shirts, shirts
  • Raincoat / Windproof jacket
  • Towel, water bottle
  • Warm clothes,
  • Flash light with extra batteries
  • Comfortable shoes with a thick sole,
  • Walking stick
  • Warm gloves,
  • A decent fleece or down hat
  • Personal medication and more

Sun Cream – The sun in Tibet is stronger than you think, and has a higher UV content than at sea level, so sun cream is mandatory.

Snow or Sunglasses Glasses – The intensity of UV is much stronger at these altitudes, so sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV light as well as snow blindness in the high mountains.

Food – If you are not used to local food, then bringing some with you is a good idea. Dried and packaged foods are best, and hot water for cup noodles and such is easily available in most places.
Lip Balm and Moisturizer – The dry, cold climate of Tibet can easily damage your lips and skin, so moisturizing and using lip balm will help you out a lot.

Down Jacket – The nights are quite cold at EBC, and down jackets will help your body heat at high altitudes. If you are camping, an arctic-rated sleeping bag is a must.

Spare Batteries – In base camp, you will not get good electricity supply, so bringing spare batteries will help you to take as many pictures as you want.

Medicines – Is there any medication then you need to take normally, we recommend that you need to discuss with your doctor before leaving about altitude sickness medication, which can help to prevent and treat the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)?

Check out more –

How long it will take to visit Mount Everest?

Travel from Lhasa to north EBC in Tibet covers 1350km and it takes around 12 days, in both ways. The scenic tour is to travel to major Tibetan town and cities such as Gyantse and Shigatse there you need aliens travel permit.

For other information and about the distance, visit – or call – 9843123665.

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