MT.Everest, The Ever Persistent Passion

MT.Everest, The Ever Persistent Passion

August 10, 2018, 10:59 AM

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Mt. Everest the highest point on Planet Earth, this point also the third pole, is an enigma and nightmare for any adventurer who wants to climb to this point. This point was so magnetic that the early explorers from the 1920s braved their way to reach to this summit of Mt. Everest. The North Route or the North Col Route was the only was for early explorers as they were denied entry into Nepal. The 1922 British Mount Everest expedition was the first climbing expedition with the aim of making the first ascent of Mt. Everest, not to forget that this was also the very first expedition to use bottled oxygen for high altitude.

1922 British Expedition at Base Camp (North). Back row: Morshead, G Bruce, Noel, Wakefield, Somervell, Morris, Norton Front row: Mallory, Finch, Longstaff, General C Bruce, Strutt, Crawford (Image Courtesy: Wikipedia)

The attempt to climb the summit was the bravest, the above photograph clearly is a testimony to not only their enthusiasm, but the most primitive form of cold gear, shoe gear, and equipment, in spite of all these the had the passion. They attempted thrice, but failed in the attempt. The 1922 expedition was a failure.

1924 British Mount Everest expedition

The 1924 British Mount Everest expedition was the second expedition with the goal of achieving the first ascent of Mt. Everest. After two summit attempts in which Edward Norton who set a world record altitude of 28,126 feet (8572m). Witness to the above is the photograph which still stands the test of time.

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But this expedition was set to give the biggest mysteries of all times. The Mallory and Irvine disappearance. Whether they submitted or not is not the argument we have here. There are various theories on the attempt, but we at Triumph Expeditions, salute the bravery of these men who braved all the circumstances to stand on what is called as the “top of the world”

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Pang La Pass, 1924 British Expedition viewing Mt. Everest, their dream destination.

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We at Triumph Expeditions organize a life time chance to see this great mountain, Mt. Everest, we travel via the same path where the 1922-1924 expeditions took to reach the summit of this mountain. The only difference is we will be traveling via a car to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest.

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