Mountains of India Achievement

Mountains of India Achievement


After successfully executing two Guinness World Records attempts Team Triumph Expeditions was anticipating the opportunity to complete a third successive Guinness World Record execution. Though the beginning of 2020 was with a great bang for Triumph Expeditions since we executed the Guinness World Record for Hyundai successfully post January 2020 was not a fruitful one. Most of the business sectors in the world have been drastically affected due to world pandemic. The travel industry was one of the overblown sectors due to COVID-19. Travelling has been restricted throughout the world and we had no clue to when things would get back to normal. The entire nation was under lockdown till May month and there were no opportunities to make a move for our next execution. In June, the restrictions for travel have slowly started to loosen. We had a ray of hope to execute the third Guinness World Record this time.

Adventure travel and exploring the mountains have been the passion for both team Triumph Expeditions and Transcend Adventures. All of us draw our essentials from our Indian Mountains and, as passionate travellers, we always had an intention to protect and promote our Indian Mountains to the world and for the welfare of future generations. This pandemic made us take our first step for protecting and promoting Indian Mountains.

We have decided to build a dedicated platform for promoting and protecting Indian Mountains. Our idea is to execute the third Guinness World Record in a platform created for Indian Mountains and draw the attention of world tourists. Though we have already executed two Guinness World Records, it was a challenging experience. It’s not only about executing a Guinness World Record but creating a brand and taking it to the people’s attention through a Guinness World Record which is something new for both Triumph Expeditions and Transcend Adventure. This time the groundwork begins right from naming the platform. We had a lot of discussions, suggestions and finalised “Mountains of India” with the tagline “Mountains Our Pride” as the name because it’s a dedicated platform for promoting and protecting Indian Mountains and Indian Mountains are our pride.

As a next move, we have to confirm the idea and title for executing the Guinness World Record in the name “Mountains of India”. Since there are restrictions for travelling with interstate and conducting events due to pandemic, we realized that on-field records are not possible for quite some time and there we had the idea of executing Guinness World Records online. Due to lockdown people tend to stay under one roof and communicate with the world through social media and, The question “why don’t we use the same social media for the Guinness World Record attempt?” paved way for our third execution.

We approached Guinness World Records official team with the idea and we were given the option to execute it on the Facebook platform. The title was “Most Photos of People Mountaineering Uploaded to Facebook in One Hour”. The concept is people who have been there on mountains must post their mountaineering picture on the Facebook page within the one-hour time frame and at least 500 photos must be uploaded to attain the Guinness World Record. It was something new for Triumph Expeditions and Transcend Adventures to play with social media for the Guinness world record. With confidence, we started to promote our event through social media and gather mountaineers all around the world.

Being a dedicated platform & initiative taken for the welfare of Mountains we have been supported by plenty of volunteers from the entire nation for promoting and gathering mountaineers under one platform. The following are the institutions, individuals, communities, adventure enthusiasts who extended their support for our initiative.

  • Snow Leopard Adventures
  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Darjeeling
  • Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering
  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports
  • Jawahar Institute Of Mountaineering And Winter Sports JIM & WS
  • Adventure Tour Operators Association of India
  • Ministry of Tourism, Government of India
  • Incredible India
  • Paper N Films
  • Sea Hawk
  • Adventure Sports Cover 360
  • Alpha Packaging
  • gokyo
  • The643 Resort
  • Adventure Sports Academy – Gandikota
  • Avanexa
  • Signature Moments
  • Ekta Achpal
  • Gp Capt Jai Kishan | Principal HMI Darjeeling
  • Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal | Mountaineer
  • Gaurav Sharma | Mountaineer
  • Shri Dashrath Singh Rawat | Instructor | Nehru Mountaineering Institute
  • Shri Sharad Kulkarni | Indian Mountaineer
  • Bimla Negi Deoskar | Mountaineer
  • Kishor Dhankude | Mountaineer
  • Manisha Waghmare | Mountaineer | Physical Director
  • Vaibhav Kala | Founder | Aquaterra l River Guide
  • Venkatesh Maheswari | Vice President | Aditya Birla
  • Debasish Biswas | Mountaineer
  • Dr Anshu Jamsenpa | Indian Mountaineer
  • Dr Lalit Mohan | Indian Mountaineer
  • Satyarup Siddhanta | Mountaineer
  • GR Radhika | Superintendent of Police
  • Rajender Sharma (Rinku) | Mountaineer | Trainer
  • Aditi & Anuja Vaidya | Mountaineers
  • Bhawna Dehariya | Indian Mountaineer

All these people and groups were shown immense support in promoting and bringing in the participants for the event. Due to which we had a good number of registrations prior to the event.

Though it is an online record we were in need of a space to conduct an event for collecting evidence to submit for the Guinness as well as monitor the participants’ activity and guide them for posting the pictures. It was the next challenge faced by the team. Due to the pandemic, there were restrictions prevailing all over the country for conducting events and we were unable to get space for gathering. We started approaching various government officials explaining the need and finally, Tamil Nadu tourism board acknowledged our initiative and provided us Hotel Tamil Nadu hall, Coimbatore for conducting the event. On 15th August 2020 while India celebrates 74th Independence Day a team of passionate and experienced mountaineers under the platform Mountains of India created a Guinness World Record for “Most Photos of People Mountaineering Uploaded to Facebook in One Hour”. The entire event was held at Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) Hall, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. Most established adventure travel enterprise Triumph Execution incorporated in Coimbatore executed the entire event following the Standard Operating Procedures issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to prevent COVID-19.

The event was held from 4.00 PM – 5.00 PM on the Mountains of India Facebook page. The entire event along with participants posting their picture on the platform have been recorded live for Guinness evidence as well as for the people to view. Live streaming was telecasted on the Facebook page of Mountains of India, Triumph Expeditions and Transcend Adventures. We have received around 1500 photos in a span of one hour and we submitted all the photos and video evidence to the Guinness team for verification. Around 8.00 PM after thorough verification, Guinness approved 995 photos as eligible and announced Mountains of India as Guinness World Record holder for “Most Photos of People Mountaineering Uploaded to Facebook in One Hour”.

It was yet another successful execution for team triumph expeditions which will always stay close to the heart as it is not usual circumstances and situation to execute the Guinness World Record. It is not a field event it is totally a new venture where triumphex executing a Guinness World Record for our favourite domain in a different way through social media. Though we had huge support from the entire nation there were many hard-working individuals in our team who were behind the success of this execution and utilized those support in a fruitful way. Those few hearts are:-

  • Suresh Kumar Narayanaswamy
  • Mohamed Thahir H
  • Shekhar Babu Bachinepally
  • Mahadhun Basha
  • Palpandi
  • Sai Ganeshan
  • Shreeharan Sureshkumar
  • Rajavel Ramasamy
  • Vigneshwaran
  • Karthic
  • Kishore Palaniappan
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