Road Trips in India


Road trips are something that we hold close to our hearts. It is something that is immensely adventurous and helps you in spending quality time with your family or peers at the same time. But, what is better than just a road trip? Yes, you guess it right! Road trips in India are utterly blissful. India is a place that is blessed with too many cultures, cuisines, landscapes, languages, and festivals. As you explore the different parts of India, you’d realize that the place you are staying in is something beyond beautiful.

You can either opt for a weekend trip to take in the essence of a single piece of art, or you could actually choose to explore an entire state or more! That does sound better, doesn’t it? No flights, no trains- we promise that it’d be a complete road trip. Breathe in the culture of the different states, let your eyes take in the change of the scenes as you cross states and enter a new vicinity.

Triumph Expeditions has come up with some of the very breathtaking cities in the country- all connected together by a road trip. And, we are going to be talking about how you absolutely need to pursue some road trips in India! This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you cannot absolutely miss out on. The inter-state roads are smooth and adventurous that will surely get your adrenaline pumping. The charm of these road trips is something you cannot absolutely refuse.

When we are talking about road trips in India– we have a few things rolled up in our sleeves. First comes the trips to South India. And, people often fail to distinguish between the different cultures in the south. However- when you drive past the beautiful roads of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh- you will realize how truly different they are from each other. From cuisines to languages to the landscape- every state is unique in respect of these geographical factors. Why don’t have a taste of everything and go on a road trip in the Western Circuit? Take in the exotic views of both ‘God’s Own Country’ as well as Karnataka! Have a revelation at Kanyakumari or The Land’s End.’

Are you a mountain person or a beach person? You do not need to choose anymore for the road trips in India has a perfect amalgamation of both mountains and beaches. The silvery beaches filled with the perfect glistening sands or the intricately detailed mountains both have made their mark here.

Are you more of a spiritual person? There is nothing better than the road trip of India to show you already established spiritual aspects of India. Come, participate in the road trips in India to get in close contact with so many of the detailed temples that show some wonderful architectural works. Tamil Nadu has some of the best ancient temple structures that are well-renowned all over the world and also depict the history and mythology in an entertaining way. Where else are you going to find such culturally rich places if not India?

If you are living in south India- you could always come up north for a trip. But, why let it be a normal trip when you can have some extra fun by making it a road trip? Make the best of the North-Indian states by planning a road trip that goes straight through the winding slopes of the beautiful Himalayas. Road trips in India provide the best of the best. Hop on as we will take you through a tantalizing journey where you get to rediscover the snowy Himalayas.

Love the snow? Pay a visit to the mesmerizing Shimla-Manali- entirely through a road trip. Bask in the glory of the Himalayan sun, and treat your taste buds to the North-Indian delicacies. The food is completely different in different parts of India. Your mouth will never be bored, as your taste buds will explode with the different varieties of flavours. While the north has some of the best cuisines that are influenced a bit by the Mughals, the south Indian dishes involve the usage of spices. All of these spices are grown on the different slopes of the southern parts. As you go on along these road trips in India– you shall get to see a large part of the vegetation too. India is always rich when it comes to greenery, so we can assure you that there will be some extraordinary visual treats as well.

As you go on these road trips in India– you will realize language, culture, and landscapes are not the only things that are different in the specific parts. The tradition is entirely new too. Even the way people greet each other in each state is different. The festivals are quite exquisite too. You think you might know of the few main festivals of India. But, are you aware that the north-eastern part of India has more than 200 festivals among its different tribes? A road trip will help you explore everything.

The ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ culture is truly prevalent when you go out venturing on these road trips in India. It means ‘the guest is equivalent to god’. It is a Sanskrit verse taken from the Hindu scriptures. The people are warm-hearted and always eager to help. This is the only thing that is the same throughout entire India. You won’t ever feel helpless or lost here for these kind people.

Whenever we leave a place- we have this regret of not being able to see all of it. But, we at Triumph Expeditions planned the road trips in India in such a way that you will not miss out on a single thing. Be it some beautiful tourist spots, hidden gems, or exotic cuisine- you will have it all with us. So, what are you waiting for? Go on, and book that trip. Pack up your bags and set out on the road with us. We guarantee you that this will the best experience of your life.


“ Roads were made for journeys, not destinations” – Confucius

Road trips are always full of discoveries and adventures. The beauty of going on the road trip is unmatchable to any other form of transportation. You explore a lot more while you are on the road.

We’re listing down 5 tempting reasons to take a road trip and we’re sure you will go by road on your next trip.


While you are on a road trip, the chances are high that you might stumble into something unexpected. It may be a town that wasn’t on your itinerary or it can be a restaurant you never knew about. Traveling is all about explorations and a road trip perfectly compliments the fact. Imagine how pleasing it would be to visit some new town, embrace the culture and meet new people. It can also happen that the restaurant you just found unexpectedly offers the best delicacies.

Don’t miss chances like these because not the destination but the road is what you will miss.


The most comforting thing about road trips is you get to decide your own time length and rules. You are not bound to the regulations of the flight. You don’t have to wait at airports for the connecting flights.

You can be totally flexible with your itinerary and can also take detours. It is your wish if you want to stop at a local cafe. You can stop by to watch the sunset too. You can also add more stops en-route to experience all of it.

There is a sense of freedom carved out of road trips.


Road trips are certainly cheaper than any other mode of transportation. If the place you desire to visit is far off, then the flight tickets are sky touching too. Road trips are affordable that way.

You can cut down the transport expense and channelize those bucks to shop something cool and local to the place. Or can also book your dream room in your favorite high-budget hotel.


While you are on the road you realize how massive this world is and how you hold a minuscule place. It is always said that travel helps you discover yourself.
A long trip on the road is enough to clear the clouds in your mind. Sometimes a break is all you need and road trips are the perfect way to let off the steam.

It replenishes the happy cells in your body and helps you identify your calling. You get enough time in hand to introspect your choices.


Meeting people from all walks of life should be your end goal. When you meet people, you understand different personalities. It is when you strike a conversation, you may get to hear a story.
We believe people are stories and to read different novels you need to embark on the road. On the road trip, you may meet numerous people who might teach you a lesson or make you laugh with their witty humor. You’d feel happy when you will connect with so many distinctive personalities.

We would like to quote John Green to justify the reasons we enumerated above, “It’s a road trip. It’s about adventure… It’s not like we have to go somewhere.”

So, are you not tempted to pack your luggage, fuel your cars and take a road trip? There are still uncountable reasons we can pen down to make you take the leap. But we hear roads calling out for you and you must go.
And don’t forget to jam on your favorite playlist!

Triumph Expeditions has come up with some of the best road trips in both North and South India that you must check out if you want to treat yourself to some happiness and luxury.

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