Road Trip in Himachal Pradesh


Road Trip in Himachal Pradesh

  • KILOMETERS – 2210 kms
  • ALTITUDE – 3800 mts
  • SIZE – 12 to 18 (Flexible for private groups)
  • TRIP START/END – Chandigarh
  • TRIP Best Season – Spring season
  • Trip Duration – 13 Days


Road Trip in Himachal Pradesh – Endowed with lofty Himalayan mountains, ancient religious sites and a cheerful culture, Himachal Pradesh is home to some of the most famous tourist destinations. Himachal Pradesh is known as the state of apples all over India. It is also known for scenic landscapes, culture, adventure sports and a variety of fairs, festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

Keeping all of the activities of Road Trip in Himachal Pradesh in mind, we at Triumph Expeditions, thought of planning the most beautiful road trip. Let us have a look now.

Day 1- Arrival at Chandigarh.

We shall be inaugurating our beautiful road trip in Himachal Pradesh by arriving at Chandigarh. The best part of the city lies in its beauty. A well-planned city with renowned architectures makes it famous throughout the world. It is also one of the cleanest cities in the whole of India with some refreshing and energetic atmosphere. While we are fleeing to experience the peace and astonishing beauties of the hill stations, Chandigarh being a great start to get the refreshing environment.

Day 2- Chandigarh to Shimla (140 Km)

The trip to Shimla from Chandigarh is breathtaking. The transition and entering the region and seeing all the foothills on the way is a different experience overall.

One of the astonishing parts of Shimla is the Ridge road. An open space, located at the centre of Shimla is the Cultural hub of the place.

Then comes the Jakhu hill. This is the highest peak of Shimla and is greatly known for the Jakhu temple, which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. From the local guide, we learnt that according to the myths and the legends, Lord Hanuman took rest over here on his way to find Sanjeevani roots.

Amongst some good old myths and culture, we shall be seeing some majestic architectures and greeneries, The Viceregal Lodge and Botanical gardens. The lodge is India’s most well maintained British era building surrounded by a green lush botanical garden. While the lodge offers a panoramic view of the entire area, The botanical garden serves as the best element to spice up the admirable scenic beauty.

We will also spend a beautiful and eye-glazing evening at the Hawa Garh. It is an elevated place in the Ridge and is called the “Mal View balcony”. This place gives some of the most amazing views of the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Road trip in Himachal Pradesh continuous on Day 3.

Did we forget to mention that you will also be having a taste of the Jakhu Ropeway?

Day 3- Explore Shimla, drive to Kurfi and back (50 Km)

Day three will be all about admiring the beauty that Mother Earth offers us here at Shimla. Enveloped in mist, nestled with dense forest and silhouetted against snowy peaks of Himalayas. Shimla is a common definition of Paradise. From shopping to hopping mountain ranges, from British era buildings to local markets and from snow shredded cedars to the green botanical gardens- we will explore every atom of Shimla.

Then we shall take a short drive to Kufri which is approximately 15 km from Shimla. This region is surrounded by the ring of Himalayan ranges. The lofty valleys of the small town with some amazing flora and fauna elevated our sightseeing drive.

Day 4- Shimla to Kalpa (300 Km)

On the fourth day of the road trip in Himachal Pradesh, we will be going to Kalpa, which is a small village in the Sutlej river valley. It is very similar to a paradise one could ever dream of. The fantastic scenes of the Kailash Mountains, Raldang and Jorkanden Peaks are not something that can be missed. Not only just some scenic beauties but we also get a spiced up mixture of some great culture. The mesmerizing blend of Hinduism and Buddhism is a great example followed by a delicious Tibetan dinner.

Day 5- Explore Kalpa (275 Km)

One day isn’t enough for us to visit the paradisiac and fairy tale village of Kalpa. There were so many things one could not just ignore to visit.

First on the list is The Labrang Monastery. This monastery is considered the heart of the Amdo Tibetan Culture and is the largest monastery in the traditional Tibetan Amdo.

The fort is mainly recognized for the idol of Kamakhya Devi wrapped in snowcapped mountains, dense forests and lush green fields.
Nathpa Dam generates the largest hydroelectricity power.

We will be visiting the Sapni Fort next. It is famous for its exceptional architecture and wonderful surroundings. The fort consists of a kali temple with some finest woodworks on window and door frames.

Day 6- Kalpa to Kaza and explore (175 Km)

We will be visiting Kaza next on a road trip in Himachal Pradesh. The place which literally helps you to re-connect with yourself. Here at Kaza, firstly we will visit the Spiti Valley. It is heavenly! Like us, it attracts thousands of tourists every year. The fascinating beauty and the unadulterated environment refreshes our soul from within. This place is filled with pine trees, green meadows, beautiful monasteries and inhabited villages.

The Sakya Tangyud Monastery is the most famed tourist attraction of the Spiti. This place is famous for being the highest altitude gompas in India and the prime time centre for Buddhist learning amidst the fantastic scenic beauty.

Day 7- Kaza to Manali (200 Km)

We will set our voyage to Manali the next day, The route is around 200 km and takes almost 12 hours to cover. We will be crossing the Rohtang pass and the Kuzum Pass. The roads are broader along this route except for some stretches of wilderness.

Day 8- Explore Manali (200 Km)

Manali is a place that is known to all. Particularly, a gift of the Great Himalayas to the world. Exploring Manali is the best part of the trip. Describing its beauty via words would be very unjust- One can only feel its presence. Day eight is all about Manali’s amazing regions that we visit. We will be visiting the Rohtang pass as the first instalment. The unparalleled natural beauty is something one must not miss in his or her life. One of the highest passes in the Himalayas offers us the most pristine views of the Himalayas that we could never forget in our lives. Hidimba Devi on the other hand is a temple after Devi Hidimba( Wife of Bheema and mother of Khatotkhacha), which is densely covered by green.

Day 9- Manali to Dharamshala (250 Km)

The journey from Manali to Dharamshala might be quite tiring and long but the scenic beauties all around are going to be worth it. It will take approximately 8 hours to reach Dharamshala.

Day 10- Explore Dharamshala (50 Km)

Well, one can not differentiate between Dharamshala and Manali with some quick points. But yes there are differences. We could only know that by exploring the place. Day ten will be all about it. Natural landscapes, trekking trails and even the scenic beauty all around make this place quite different but a cheaper version to visit Mother Earth’s best gifts.

If you are at Dharamshala and you don’t visit Dal lake, you missed something great. The lake is just like an emerald set amidst craggy mountains.

The next place being surround by some astonishing scenic beauties and lush greeneries- the Namgyal Monastery is the largest Tibetan temples, renowned as the home of Dalai Lama. This place is something great if you seek some cultural education and knowledge.

St. john in the wilderness is a church that was built in dense woods. This church being the most important church in all of Himachal Pradesh is a prime time visiting the location for us. Then there is this enchanted waterfall called the Bhagsunag falls. This waterfall is firmly famous for its old temples, a freshwater spring a great beauty amidst mountain and greeneries. Seeking peace we will be following the map to the Great Dalai Lama temple here. The temple has its mysterious waves of compassion and tranquillity which you would definitely feel when you are here.

Day 11- Dharamshala to Dalhousie and explore (150 KM)

Day 11 starts with a three hours journey to Dalhousie. The first thing that we visit here at Dalhousie is Garam Sadak. As the name suggests, this place maintains an optimum temperature during the day time for tourists like us to walk and enjoy the whole of Dalhousie.

Famous and a major attraction to the devotees all around the country is the Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Dalhousie. It is an old century temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Shiva.

The Dalhousie Cantonment forest is the prime time wildlife preservation centre wrapped in evergreen beauties. This is a perfect place for all wildlife lovers and photographers.

Day 12- Dalhousie to Bilaspur and explore (270 Km)

Our trip ends with the journey to Bilaspur. The journey is almost about eleven hours. The city being the centre of Chattisgarh is popularly known as “The city of festivals”.

Day 13- Bilaspur to Chandigarh, and late evening Fly out (150 Km)

Our road trip in Himachal Pradesh ends by visiting the Rock gardens which is a great place for sculpture enthusiasts and one would find one of the best rock sculptures around this place.

After that, we have to, unfortunately, bid you goodbye for this is where we part ways!

Places Covered

Chandigarh, Shimla, Kurfi, Kalpa, Kaza, Spiti Valley, Manali, Dharamshala, Mcleod Ging, Dalhousie, Bilaspur.

Top Attractions Covered

The Ridge, Jakhu Hill, Botanical garden, Hawaghar, Jakhu RopeWay, Labrang Monastery, Kamru Fort, Nathpa Dam, Sapni Fort, Sakya Tangyud Monastery, Rohtang Pass, Hadimba Devi, Sholang Nala, Dal Lake, Namgyal Monastery, St. John in the Wilderness, Bhagsu Nag waterfalls, Dalai Lama Temple, Garam Sadak, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Dalhousie Cantt Forest, Rock Garden.


  • Day 01 – Arrival at Chandigarh & Stay at Chandigarh

  • Day 02 – Early morning drive to Shimla & Explore (140 Km)

  • Day 03 – Explore Shimla & drive to Kurfi and back to Shimla (50 Km)

  • Day 04 – Early morning drive to Kalpa & Overnight at Kalpa (300 Km)

  • Day 05 – Explore Kalpa (275 Km)

  • Day 06 – Early morning drive to Kaza - explore & Overnight at Kaza (175 Km)

  • Day 07 – Early morning drive to Manali & Overnight stay (200 Km)

  • Day 08 – Explore Manali & Overnight stay (200 Km)

  • Day 09 – Early morning drive to Dharamshala & Overnight stay (250 Km)

  • Day 10 – Explore Dharamshala (50 Km)

  • Day 11 – Early morning drive to Dalhousie and explore (150 KM)

  • Day 12 – Early morning drive to Bilaspur and explore (270 Km)

  • Day 13 – Bilaspur to Chandigarh, and late evening Fly out (150 Km)


Inclusion & Exclusion

Inclusions :

  • Your domestic flight ticekts
  • Meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner, tea and two water bottle per day
  • Vehicle, fuel, and toll
  • Back up a team with a crew vehicle equipped with GPS, emergency food supplies, and first aid kit
  • Route planning and all entry tickets for travelers at the monuments.
  • Local guidance from experts
  • Private airport transfers
  • 4 Travelers in a SUV
  • Activities and visits to make the experience truly memorable

Exclusions :

  • Your international flight ticket
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Insurance and documentation cost such as travel insurance, visa applications, etc
  • Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances like ill-health etc
  • Additional accommodation charges due to unforeseen delays in the journey
  • Any hotel, subsistence, or other cost incurred prior to the official start date of an expedition and after the official end date of the expedition
  • GST 5 %
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned
  • Services which are not mentioned above in the inclusion part
  • Date - Customizable
  • Distance - 2210 KM
  • Duration - 13 Days/ 12 Nights
  • Cost - INR 1,30,000/ per person + Gst 5 %

Inclusion & Exclusion

Inclusions :

  • Accommodation on twin occupancy (02 participants sharing 01 room)
  • Meal – breakfast
  • Vehicle, fuel, and toll
  • Route planning
  • Local guidance from experts
  • Activities and visits to make the experience truly memorable

Exclusions :

  • Your domestic and international flight ticket
  • Entry tickets on monuments & Holiday activities
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Insurance and documentation cost such as travel insurance, visa applications, etc
  • Any cost arising out of unforeseen circumstances like ill-health etc.
  • Additional accommodation charges due to unforeseen delays in the journey
  • Any hotel, subsistence, or other cost incurred prior to the official start date of an expedition and after the official end date of the expedition
  • GST 5 %
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned
  • Services which are not mentioned above in the inclusion part
  • Date - Customizable
  • Distance - 2210 KM
  • Duration - 13 Days/ 12 Nights
  • Cost - INR 80,000/ per person + Gst 5 %

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellations are made 30 days before the start date of the trip, 25% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • If cancellations are made 15-30 days before the start date of the trip, 50% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • If cancellations are made within 0-15 days before the start date of the trip, 100% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain activities may be cancelled and in such cases the operator will try his best to provide an alternate feasible activity. However no refund will be provided for the same.

Why with us

We know that you have many options to choose from for adventure travel. There are companies out there that offer essentially the same trek and the same Road Trips for around the same price.

What makes travel with Triumph Expedition different?

We simply offer you more! More Culture, Value, Personal service, Experiences and Safety.

For ” Triumph It’s Not More A Business ,It’s Our Passion”.

Better Insight Into Culture

Going on one of Triumph Expedition means you’ll have the opportunity to:

Intimately know the people: Guides ,porters, their familiar and friends in the local communities.

Directly contribute to support of local economies.

Experience a variety of local foods.

Travel to special interest areas and new regions off the beaten path.

Personal Service

Triumph Expeditions has been in operation since 2015, Where we look back into our past the passion started 25 Years Back.

Our fully staffed operational office in India is working year round to assure you receive the best service.

Our guides specialize in the areas they know and love. They are expert in preventing and solving problems.

You will be treated as the member of Triumph Family.

You are welcome to speak with those who have previously traveled with us.

More Value For Your Money.

We offer true adventure at a competitive price. We do not cut corners. The services you receive are simply the best.

We keep our group size small (our favorite is around 6 to 8), which allows for flexibility, independent time, rest, exploration
and interesting side trips.

Once you have booked the trip with us , we guarantee the price will not increase and the trip will definitely run!

We provide the best possible group equipment (e.g. tents, sleeping bags and pads).

we Charge no single supplements, whenever possible.

A Safety Record Second to None

Our Team have completed trekking and mountaineering school. We have an ongoing training program to keep all our guides up-to-date on wilderness first aid and hygiene.

We always carry a group first aid lit and oxygen for our higher altitude treks and climbs.

In the unlikely event of a serious injury, we have on deposit funds that will allow for immediate helicopter dispatch.

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